About the Photographer

Hello, my name is Leigh Wilcoxson. I am a mother to two lovely, grown daughters. I'm a born-and-bred Hoosier as well as a resident of the Chicago area for nearly a decade, I have lived in the beautiful city of Lexington, KY, since 2009 and I am grateful every day to call this wonderful place home.

I started Leigh Wilcoxson Photography in 2006 when my passion for photography and documenting memories grew from a personal hobby into a vision to help others create an affordable and tangible way to briefly stop the clock, so to speak, so that they can experience that moment in time over and over again for years to come. Over the past near decade and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with hundreds of wonderful families. I’ve watched families grow from one tiny newborn into bustling families of five, photographed children from elementary school into college, and captured the first and even the last memories of pets, parents and grandparents. I have snuggled new little people, chased toddlers, negotiated with preschoolers, giggled with adolescents, coaxed and comforted many shy or eye-rolling teens, shared in joys and excitement with high school seniors, marveled at beautiful pregnant bellies and I’ve rolled a combined variety of these scenarios into one big one. I have also spent countless hours editing photos at my computer, lovingly and carefully making sure those images and memories are perfectly curated for my clients forever.

I consider my job a privilege, and I am always grateful to have the opportunity to enter your world for just a brief period in time to help you remember the little things and the big moments. If you are interested in scheduling an on-location, natural light photography session in Lexington, KY, please contact me at anytime and I’ll be happy to share my love of photography with you!